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FCC receives more than 22,000 petitions supporting Lifeline modernization

More than 22,000 individuals signed petitions telling the FCC to update the Lifeline program to include broadband. Five public interest and labor organizations -- the Communications Workers of America, Public Knowledge, the Center for Media Justice/MAG-Net, and Color of Change -- delivered the petitions to the FCC.

The Lifeline program currently provides subsidies to low-income people for voice service. The Commission will vote on a proposal to update the program to include high-speed Internet on March 31. Updating the Lifeline program is an important step toward fulfilling the FCC’s century-old commitment to universal communications access. The petitions indicate broad public support for modernization.

Speed Matters has long advocated modernizing the Lifeline program. CWA and a broad coalition of public interest and civil rights groups urged the FCC to update the Lifeline program to include broadband, making specific recommendations for minimum service standards in line with other universal service programs. Modernizing the program, the groups agreed, would help achieve the program’s goal of delivering modern communications services to low-income families, allowing full participation in 21st century life.


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