Fiber-to-the-premise remains the best medium for 21st century broadband, says EFF

Fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) is the best medium for 21st century broadband, far surpassing the benefits of cable and 5G wireless networks, according to a new white paper by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). “Currently, the alternatives to fiber face headwinds that fiber does not, including limited bandwidth, attenuation, noise, upstream/downstream asymmetry, and latency,” EFF claims in the white paper.

Today, fiber-optic cables carry most Internet transmissions with exception of the last mile to the premises, which is often transmitted through copper cable infrastructure. According to the EFF, the emerging 5G wireless technology will only be a supplement to, but not a replacement for, fiber-to-the-home. Additionally, the fiber cables installed today could provide service for decades, but the current copper infrastructure will require replacement within the next few years. 


The case for fiber to the home, today: why fiber is a superior medium for 21st century broadband (EFF, Oct. 16, 2019)