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Frontier completes acquisition of Verizon property, adds more than 9,000 workers

01 Apr, 2016

On April 1, Frontier completed its $10.5 billion acquisition of Verizon’s wireline properties in California, Texas, and Florida – adding about 9,400 workers. Frontier gained more than 3 million voice, more than 2 million broadband, and more than 1.2 million video customers in these states.

With this acquisition, Frontier adds 9,400 workers, the majority of whom are represented by the Communications Workers of America or the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. While many corporate acquisitions result in job cuts, in this instance, Frontier will hire more than 200 additional workers to improve service. Frontier’s workforce is 100 percent based in the United States.

In California, Frontier committed to significant broadband deployment as a condition for merger approval. Frontier recently announced plans to increase the roll-out of its video service to more than three million households over the next several years. That service, branded as “Vantage,” is available to more than half of its existing 8.5 million customers. With the addition of the newly-acquired properties in California, Texas, and Florida, Frontier’s video offering will reach an additional 3 million households.

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