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Germany Ramps Up Broadband Strategy

29 Oct, 2010

Germany, which released its own National Broadband Strategy in February 2009, has recently updated its goal of broadband proliferation at home.

Estimating that almost all households in Germany will have basic 1Mbps coverage by mid-2011, the German Government is promoting the second stage of its 'Deutschland Digital 2015' plan. This strategy in part seeks to provide at least 75 percent of all households with a minimum of 50Mbps.

Germany, like the US and other countries, predicts a surge of growth in Broadband needs, fueled in part by a growing IT and telecommunications industry. If the United States wants to meet its own goals of a technology job-creation, we will have to follow suit.

The United State's own National Broadband Plan currently aims to connect at least 100 million homes with speeds of 50Mbps download and 20Mbps upload by 2015.

Govt aims for 75% coverage of 50Mbps broadband by 2014 (Telegeography)


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