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To help the disabled, mobile needs more spectrum

08 Jun, 2012

Axel Leblois heads up G3ict, a UN-connected organization pushing for inclusive ICT - information and communications technology.

In a signed blog in The Hill, Leblois noted that mobile technology is not just cool and interactive, but has often greatly benefited the 54 million Americans with disabilities. "Tools such as assistive mobile apps, handsets, web services and other cutting-edge wireless technologies provide access to numerous opportunities that were once considered unattainable for those with disabilities," he said.

But, he cautioned that without government action the growth in usable mobile technology may be limited. He said:

"If we want to see further advancements in mobile accessibility technologies, we must continue to promote the development of a healthy mobile ecosystem. Encouraging continued private sector investment in wireless network infrastructure is vital and will require swift and decisive government action. Our government, which allocates the airwaves, must find more for commercial use."

Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (website)

Mobile innovations for persons with disabilities require increased spectrum


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