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How to connect your state with high-speed Internet

08 Mar, 2007

In cooperation with Connected Nation, a nonprofit group aimed at expanding high-speed Internet access and other community-based technology improvements, CWA has developed model legislation for state-level Internet policies.

Closing the digital divide is essential to moving state economies into the 21st century. Universal Internet access would open new doors in education, economic development and civic participation. States that adopt policies improving Internet infrastructure will reap real benefits for their citizens.

Perhaps the best model of a state-level effort at universal access is ConnectKentucky, a public-private partnership. Our model legislation is based on Kentucky's groundbreaking program, and would help bring advances in education, health care, government services and personal development to previously underserved consumers.

The first step in this process involves the development of partnerships between state agencies and private companies or other organizations. In the interest of full deployment and adoption of high-speed Internet, these partnerships would provide a comprehensive assessment of the current state of Internet service, covering all geographic areas of the state, and updated regularly. The legislation would also encourage these partners to help provide computers and Internet service to those previously left behind.

Connecting high-speed Internet networks is a win-win for business and individuals in any state. We hope that more states will follow Kentucky's lead and work to develop a strong Internet infrastructure.

Connected Nation


Model Legislation for Expanded High Speed Internet Access (PDF)


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