Hundreds of CWA members leaflet outside AT&T authorized dealer stores across the country

This week, hundreds of CWA members leafleted outside AT&T authorized dealer stores across the country to let members of the public know how AT&T is hurting our communities, cutting jobs, and abandoning the workers who made the company so successful.

The leaflets exposed AT&T's bad behavior and encouraged members of the public to take action to get Congress to investigate how the company has been using its tax cut since it has not fulfilled its promise to create jobs and invest in the United States. Sign the petition here:

AT&T promised to create at least 7,000 jobs if they got a big tax cut. Instead, the company ran away with billions in tax breaks and still eliminated more than 23,000 jobs, while continuing to send work to low-wage contractors and overseas.

Thousands of CWA members at AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T are currently fighting for fair contracts to ensure good jobs at the company. In Puerto Rico, where AT&T Mobility workers worked tirelessly to rebuild the AT&T wireless network after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, the company is refusing to ensure its two call centers will even stay open.


Bargaining and Mobilization Update (CWA, Jun 6, 2019)