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Internet Access at the Shore

13 Jul, 2007

Interesting side note to a piece in the Frederick (MD) News-Post about Maryland's Rural Broadband Initiative:

Farmers and fishermen benefit from broadband access to the Internet, because it gives them quick access to frequently changing data, such as market prices and weather conditions, Weldon said. Slower connections discourage users because it could take too long to connect, frustrating users trying to download current information.

"If we bring broadband fiber-optic infrastructure to a crabber's shack in St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore where a fisherman ties his boat off, he can cast his nets based on the best price on the market online," Weldon said. "If he brings back blue crabs or oysters, he can put them on a website to reach more consumers, rather than just wait on those who come by the dock to see what he caught."

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