Labor, environmental, civil rights, and religious groups seek national utility shutoff moratorium from the Biden administration

Over 600 labor, environmental, civil rights, and religious groups, including CWA, urged the Biden administration to mandate a national moratorium on utility shutoffs through an emergency Executive Order to combat the spread of Covid-19 and lessen the financial burden on working families. 

“During this pandemic, internet connectivity is a literal lifeline for families,” said Dana Floberg, policy manager at Free Press Action. “But untold numbers of people are having those lifelines cut in the midst of a global health crisis because they can’t afford the bills charged by extremely profitable internet providers. Blocking internet shutoffs means ensuring all families can connect to virtual learning, remote work, telehealth appointments, and critical information for participating in our democracy.”


600+ Groups Urge Biden to Halt Water, Electricity, and Broadband Shutoffs through Emergency Executive Order on Day 1 (Food and Water Watch, Jan. 13, 2020)