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MD Public Service Commission demands Verizon respond to CWA's call for investigation

The Maryland Public Service Commission (MD PSC) sent a letter to Verizon demanding the company respond to the Communications Workers of America’s (CWA) request for an investigation. CWA previouslypetitioned the MD PSC to investigate the “appalling state of disrepair that pose a severe threat to service quality” and provided the state agency with photographs depicting the company’s sustained neglect.

“[CWA] alleges that VZ-MD’s policies and practices neglect copper facilities and customers on copper networks,” the PSC’s letter read. “The Commission hereby requests that Verizon Maryland LLC respond to CWA’s Request and associated allegations.”

Verizon has until January 14, 2015 to respond.



CWA Petitions Maryland Public Service Commission to Investigate Verizon Service Quality (Nov. 13, 2015)