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NJ Board of Public Utilities to investigate towns? complaints against Verizon

26 Feb, 2016

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities announced that the agency will investigate a complaint filed by 16 New Jersey municipalities against Verizon. Last year the16 municipalities asked regulators to collect data on the company’s phone and Internet services and to protect customers by preventing Verizon from further neglecting its copper network. The regulatory agency is finally acting on the request.

“These problems are reportedly the result of poorly maintained cooper infrastructure and the refusal by Verizon to address it,’’ state Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May) said, applauding the BPU’s decision to investigate the complaint against Verizon’s service. “They affect the quality of life of residents and the operations of businesses, as well as the public health and safety of people living in our communities.”

New Jersey’s action follows a decision by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission tohold a formal investigation into the unsafe and poorly maintained conditions at Verizon locations throughout the state, following a CWA petition that detailed hundreds of dangerous locations across 13 counties.

Are state regulators beginning to hold Verizon responsible for its neglect? We hope so – it’s about time.

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