NY regulators scrutinize service quality problems at Frontier

The New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) launched an improvement plan for Frontier Communications’ subsidiaries in New York after becoming aware of escalating complaint rates and significant service quality issues. According to the NYPSC, all but eight of the 61 phone companies in New York met the requirement of 5.5 or fewer customer trouble reports per hundred access lines per month. Four of the eight companies that failed to meet the standard were Frontier Communications subsidiaries.

“Complaints include long repair durations and repeated out-of-service conditions, as well as Internet access and speed issues,” said Commission Chair John B. Rhodes. “Customers need the company to do better, and we will ensure that it does.” 

Frontier Communications’ service quality problems are not limited to New York. Earlier this year, the Minnesota Commerce Department issued a new investigative report finding that Frontier Communications has failed to provide adequate, reliable phone and Internet service to its Minnesota customers. In March, the West Virginia Public Service Commission ordered Frontier to hire a consultant to conduct a thorough audit of Frontier’s operations in the state. 


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