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One Economy launches new health care hub for low-income families

06 Mar, 2009

One Economy launched Atlanta Health Care for You last month - an online hub that will connect "people to health information and local free or low-cost resources that improve both your health care access and outcomes."

A Speed Matters partner, One Economy is a global nonprofit organization that "leverages technology to help people improve their daily lives." With Atlanta Health Care for You, users will have easily accessible information about state and local health programs and be able to manage diseases such as asthma, diabetes and obesity.

Rey Ramsery, chief executive officer of One Economy explains the motivation to create the website:

"To make good decisions about their health, people need access to quality information. Atlanta Health Care for You connects people to free, easy-to-understand health tools and resources that will improve their lives."

Atlanta Health Care for You is a great example of how the Internet can improve the lives of low-income people. It also illustrates the need for affordable high speed Internet access for all Americans.  Without access to the Internet low-income earning families, who have the lowest internet adoption rates in the U.S., wouldn't be able to obtain the information at all.

Atlanta Health Care for You Connects People to Local Free and Lo-Cost Health Services (One Economy)


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