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Secrecy and the T-Mobile-MetroPCS deal

The Greenlining Institute, a Bay Area racial and economic justice nonprofit, sent a letter yesterday to the FCC asking that the commission direct T-Mobile and MetroPCS to release documents pertaining to the proposed merger, as the companies had promised to do.

Greenlining needs the documents to "properly evaluate the deal's impact on low-income customers and communities of color."

"We're surprised by T-Mobile's sudden reluctance to share information," said Greenlining General Counsel Samuel S. Kang. "... what is T-Mobile hiding?  After all, this would not be the first merger in which T-Mobile was a party where confidential and highly confidential information contradicted public statements about the deal."

The deal remains highly controversial with negative projected effects on both consumers and workers. To date, CWA, nine national public interest groups, and three mayors in cities with T-Mobile call centers have urged the FCC to impose conditions to protect employment.

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