Senator Manchin criticizes Frontier’s poor service quality

In a letter to the Frontier CEO Dan McCarthy, Senator Joe Manchin criticized the poor landline service across West Virginia, and asked Frontier to respond with specific steps the company plans to take to address the issue.

“In times of crisis, no one should ever have to think twice about whether he or she will be able to call for help,” said Sen. Manchin in the letter. “The safety of my constituents is my highest priority and the fact that so many of them are unable to do something as basic as calling 911 for assistance is unacceptable. Access to phone service is not a luxury; it is a critical lifeline that could mean the difference between life and death and I implore you to resolve this problem within your company immediately.”

In March, the West Virginia Public Service Commission (Commission) ordered Frontier to hire a consultant to conduct a thorough audit of Frontier’s operations in the state. The Commission ordered the audit in August 2018 to review the ”status of the copper network, staffing levels, capital investment, policies and procedures, measurements for quality of service, impact of a declining customer base on internal cash flow, the impact of the company’s bargaining agreement, and ongoing relations between management and labor.”


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