State attorneys general reach a settlement on T-Mobile-Sprint merger

The state attorneys general suing to stop the T-Mobile-Sprint merger have reached a settlement with T-Mobile and will not appeal last month’s federal court decision to allow the T-Mobile-Sprint merger to proceed. In addition, an administrative law judge with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recommended approval for the merger with conditions.

CWA is thankful to the attorneys general who fought hard to secure commitments from T-Mobile for workers and consumers. Unfortunately, despite these commitments, the decision by President Trump’s appointees at the FCC and the Department of Justice to allow this merger will leave thousands of non-W2 employees at its authorized dealers behind. This merger still means tens of thousands of job cuts are on the horizon, as we’ve already started to see. Since April 2018, T-Mobile and Sprint have reduced the number of California prepaid retail locations by 304 stores, which is equivalent to approximately 55 percent of the California prepaid store closures initially projected by CWA.

During this merger approval process, workers at T-Mobile have become more determined than ever to join together and win union representation. Joining together in a union is the best way for workers to protect their jobs, wages, and other interests over the long run if the merger proceeds.

The merger has not yet received final approval. The CPUC plans to vote on the administrative law judge's proposed decision in its April 16 Commission Meeting.


T-Mobile workers still need freedom to organize to protect jobs and wages (CWA, Mar. 11, 2020)