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25 Jun, 2007

More than 80,000 people have taken the Speed Matters Speed Test to learn the actual speed of their internet connections. If you're not one of them, take the speed test now.

We've used the results of all those speed tests to create the first-ever state-by-state report on internet speeds across America. Our findings were deeply troubling.

The national median download speed was 1.9 megabits per second (mbps), which looks positively sluggish compared to other countries. In France the median download speed is 17 mbps. In South Korea it's 45 mbps. And in Japan it's a scorching 61 mbps.

But internet speeds in the U.S. are even worse than our report shows, because less than five percent of our Speed Test takers used dial-up, compared to 30 to 40 percent of the country who are dial-up users.

Click here check out the full report and to see an interactive map of internet speeds across the country.

Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen had this to say about the new report:

"Our nation's current plan of allowing the market to determine who gets true high speed and who doesn't is bad public policy."

In order to push for a better policy, we're delivering a copy of this report to every member of Congress. A current bill in the Senate – the Broadband Data Improvement Act – would be a great first step toward a comprehensive national policy for high speed internet deployment. It would require the federal government to collect and evaluate detailed data on the current state of high speed internet deployment across the country.

Only when we understand the full extent of the problem can we craft an effective solution.

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