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Upload and download speeds now match on Verizon FiOS

25 Jul, 2014

According to Verizon, FiOS subscribers have received a new, and unprecedented, upgrade. In the past download speeds considerably exceeded upload speeds, but beginning July 21, upload will be increased to match download.

This makes sharing faster. “This speed upgrade… comes at a time when people are uploading more and more information to the cloud, sharing videos and photos, and video chatting,” said Verizon.

Verizon initiated this move as upload traffic continues to increase. Said Verizon, “The level of upload activity on the FiOS network is expected to double by late 2016 and to continue to grow from there, according to Verizon’s projections.”

It is not certain whether Verizon competitors will follow suit.

Verizon’s FiOS Customers to Receive Upload Speeds That Match Their Current Download (Verizon news release, Jul. 21, 2014)


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