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At urging of FCC, AT&T Mobility will sync with rural carriers

13 Sep, 2013

Subscribers to small regional wireless companies often have a problem. Their carriers build networks in those regions, but rely on agreements with national companies to provide access to their customers when they travel outside the region.

Some subscribers, such as those of C Spire Wireless and U.S. Cellular complained that they could not access AT&T's wireless network because of technical incompatibilities.

At the urging of a coalition of small carriers, the FCC approached AT&T with the request that they alter the specifications of their access settings. At the moment, large carriers have to offer roaming agreements, but there is no requirement for interoperability.

However, after meetings with the FCC, AT&T has agreed to work further on working collaboratively with small carriers and with phone manufacturers to enhance interoperability.

FCC Acting Chair Mignon Clyburn said, “This is a big win for consumers, especially in rural areas, who will see more competition and more choices.”

AT&T agrees to modify network to make roaming easier (The Hill, Sep. 10, 2013)


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