A new video from More Perfect Union highlights the challenges that workers at Verizon Wireless stores in Everett and Lynnwood, WA, are facing in the workplace and why they are forming a union with CWA to address them.
The workers, members of the Tower Climbers Union/CWA, are the first group of tower climbers in the United States who have filed for formal union representation.
“We are forty-five minutes or so down the road from the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country and we have very poor broadband,” said Democratic Congressman Tom O'Halleran, speaking to the more than 30 attendees who were enthusiastic about the event and the prospects of broadband expansion in the state. He added, “People in rural America need to be part of the knowledge-based economy.”
The CWA Broadband Brigade and local activists have been mobilizing to ensure states use these funds to Build Broadband Better by creating good union jobs and prioritizing closing the digital divide.
As a leader in the broadband industry and an advocate for expanded broadband access to underserved communities, CWA will continue to support the success of this program.
The Court ruled that because the FCC changed the classification of internet services from telecommunications services to information services, it cannot preempt states from enforcing their own net neutrality rules.
CWA members have been ramping up their mobilization efforts to strengthen their power at the bargaining table and improve their working conditions. During Valentine’s Day, hundreds of members signed virtual “Valentine” cards calling on AT&T to “show the love for a fair contract.”
“The infrastructure bill’s multi-billion dollar broadband investment provides enormous potential for the deployment of reliable networks and the creation of sustainable jobs for US workers,” said Shane Larson, Senior Director of Government Affairs and Policy at CWA. “When determining how to most effectively allocate this funding, the NTIA needs to consider the existing structure of the broadband labor sector, especially the issue of subcontracting.”
A supermajority of customer service workers at BDS Connected Solutions, a contractor for Google Fiber, signed union cards to join the Alphabet Workers Union and filed with the National Labor Relations Board for a representation election.
“We formed the Game Workers Alliance (CWA) because my colleagues and I want to have our voices heard and we want to see changes that reflect the wants and needs of both the gaming community and the workers who create these incredible products. It’s extremely important that workers have a real seat at the table to positively shape the company going forward,” said Brent Reel, QA Lead at Raven.
The TIWG was established by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to develop recommendations to address the workforce needs of the telecommunications industry as part of the Act’s historic investments in broadband.