The winners can use the 3.45 GHz mid-band spectrum for fixed or mobile wireless services.
The FCC’s approval follows Verizon’s August 2021 commitment to adopt conditions recommended by CWA and public interest allies.
The workers, some of whom are members of the Alphabet Workers Union, participated in workplace actions to draw attention to the need for pay parity and put pressure on management by asking difficult questions during an impromptu company meeting.
In a recent column on, communications technology consultant and professor James Carlini declares that high speed internet is the next essential piece of infrastructure for the United States.
Verizon workers rallied in Boston yesterday. The impact of the propoosed sale of Verizon's landlines in New England on high speed Internet buildout in the region was among their concerns. Unions representing the workers are expanding their "Stop the Sale" effort by launching a nationwide campaign to get the Federal Communications Commission to rule against the sale.
The Speed Matters team is attending the second annual YearlyKos convention in Chicago--and online in Second Life--this weekend. YearlyKos is the premier gathering of progressive activists and the online political community, and we are spreading the word about our efforts to bring affordable high speed internet to all Americans. You can particpate by submitting questions for the presidential candidates who will be attending.
Western Massachusetts is suffering from a serious lack of high speed internet. Now a number of projects are underway to help rural Massachusetts catch up, but the WiFi and satellite services being used are just a band-aid on the problem.
At a town hall meeting in Hooksett, NH, on Sunday, presidential hopeful John Edwards expressed concern that the Verizon-FairPoint deal would be a step backward for the people of northern New England.
Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois has been conducting novel experiment this week: a series of online discussions to get input from regular Americans on his upcoming universal broadband bill. Jeff Rechenbach, Executive Vice President of the Communications Workers of America, participated in the conversation.
OECD's Communications Outlook 2007 is a comprehensive look at the state of telecommunications around the world. Its findings bolster the case that high speed internet in the United States is slower and more expensive than in many other developed countries. Meanwhile Sigbritt Lothberg, a 75 year old grandmother from Sweden, has been outfitted with the world's fastest internet connection.
Verizon's at it again, this time pushing a radical deregulation proposal before the Virginia Corporation Commission. Verizon wants the Commission to rule there's enough telecom competition in every region of the state to justify freeing the company of all regulation. This would allow Verizon to raise basic telephone rates as much as it wants after a three-year transition period.