“The company would prefer to work with all contractors,” said Frontier technician Tom Gardella to the LA Times. “[But] the contractors aren’t as invested as the employees. We’re in it for the quality because we’re in this for the long term. They’re in it for the piece-work.”
CWA and SOC Investment Group find Elliott intervention drives underperformance by target companies over three-year period.
A petition calls on Google to “immediately pay back all Temps, Vendors and Contractors (TVCs) who have been knowingly underpaid by Google” and to “create an immediate path to permanent employment for temporary workers and end its two-tiered perma-temp system.”
Encouraging signs are coming from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has announced her intention to move forward on a set of programs called the "Innovation Agenda."
Residents of small communities in central Pennsylvania are struggling to catch up with the advancement of technology all around them.
The United States leads the world in so many economic categories, it's easy to take our global dominance for granted. But a report released this week by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows there's at least one area where the U.S. is seriously lagging: high speed internet access.
Students and teachers at the University of Alabama have a reason to relax. Technology is now available to digitally record entire classroom lectures, which are then posted online for students to view. The program, Tegrity, allows teachers to record their lecture, including any PowerPoint slides, online material, and group discussions. So long as high speed internet access is available, students and teachers could both benefit from this new technology.
Are we deploying high-speed Internet access as fast as we should? That's what the FCC wants to know.
Earlier this week, John Edwards announced a plan to spur development in America's rural areas. The details of his plan show that he understands the major role technology--especially high speed internet--must play in revitalizing the economies in rural America.
The Children's Partnership has published a fascinating new issue brief about the importance of high speed internet access for our country's 73 million children.
Singapore and countries in Europe have topped the United States in the latest World Economic Forum "networked readiness index" survey.