Technician Brigade members will fight for local subcontractor transparency policies.
Arizona Corporation Commissioners questioned Frontier CEO Nick Jeffery on the unequal treatment of tribal workers amid the company's failure to meet its Arizona broadband deployment targets.
A new report issued by the AFL-CIO, its 30th annual Death on the Job Report, reveals that every day, on average, 275 U.S. workers die from hazardous working conditions. CWA Local 3808 member Eric Chapman, an AT&T worker in Nashville, spoke at an AFL-CIO press event about two CWA members from his local who recently died – deaths that the union believes could have been prevented.
You might expect that in the heart of the Silicon Valley high speed internet would be a given, but that is not necessarily the case. Speed Matters blogger Roger Osburne recently heard from CWA member Yonah Diamond. The Good News is he got great speed of 15 mb. The Bad News is he was sitting in a conference room at an AT&T Data Center and not at home.
The American Library Association has been researching the need for improved Internet infrastructure and speed. They've written about the Speed Matters campaign on their blog, and they're encouraging readers to use our free speed test at their local library.
High speed internet is still a burgeoning concept to some residents in upstate New York. As is the case in numerous rural counties across the country, access to fast internet services is not guaranteed, forcing residents to get creative with their connections.
Last month, Senator Dick Durbin, D-IL, hosted a Regional Broadband Summit in Central Illinois to discuss the importance of universal internet access in his state. He announced that soon he will introduce legislation in the U.S. Senate to spur a national effort to provide high speed internet access to underserved areas.
In the 2006 mid-term election cycle, the internet played a unique role in determining who would control the 110th Congress. Politics and the internet are a happy couple for those who have access to the technology.
At the Freedom to Connect technology conference FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein took the Bush administration to task for its lack of action to expand high speed internet access. The digital divide in the United States is not shrinking, as countries around the global are expanding their own high speed internet networks.
Sen. Daniel Inouye, chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Technology, held a hearing March 1 to discuss reforms to the Universal Service Fund, the multi-billion dollar program to expand phone service to underserved areas.
The 2008 election will be the first where the Internet will play a central role, not only in terms of how the campaigns use technology, but also in how voter-generated content affects its course. This powerful method for drawing millions more into the political process cannot be realized until we have universally available, high speed internet for all Americans. We must make sure these same politicians who are now using the internet so boldly in their own self interest, will also take up the campaign to make sure that the US develops strong, comprehensive national broadband policy.