“A complex remedy that carries a high risk of failure and exposes the public to substantial economic harm if it fails is not in the ‘public interest,’” said CWA.
Instead of doing the right thing by acknowledging workers’ dedication and investing in American jobs, AT&T is doing a billionaire’s bidding by putting its workers on the chopping block and abandoning these communities.
The legislation establishes two $125 million grant programs to promote digital equity nationwide.
Two years into the partnership, Verizon’s promises ring hollow as analysis reveals lack of transparency, accountability, and equity.
The summer of #NoMoreOffshoring! attempts to take action to fix the new version of NAFTA, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA).
The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission found that CenturyLink did not adequately respond to an outage last year.
CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor joined Attorney General James for the announcement of the antitrust action. The merger "would mean less demand for the labor of wireless workers, driving down wages and benefits across the industry," Trainor said.
Thirteen states and the District of Columbia now signed onto antitrust complaint recognizing harms to workers, consumers, and communities across america posed by the T-Mobile-Sprint merger
The bill contains strong protections for call center jobs in New York, it ends tax breaks for companies that ship at least 30% of their workforce out of state, and requires state agencies to ensure that all business-related call center work is performed by companies located in New York.