An update from Vermont on action against the FairPoint sale

CWA member Ralph Montefusco reports in from Vermont:

On Wednesday, Jan. 24th, Vermont's CWA Local 1400 and IBEW Local 2326 members spoke informally with legislators about questions and concerns surrounding the planned sale of 1.5 million landlines from Verizon to FairPoint Communications, a local provider, and their potential negative impact on Vermont. Members asked, among other things, for financial details of the sale.

About 100 people attended, including key committee chairs, the House Majority whip, the Senate President Pro-tem and representatives from each of Vermont's Congressional offices as well as members of CWA Local 1400 and IBEW Local 2326. Mike O'Day, District VP of CWA Local 1400, and Mike Spillane, Business Manager of IBEW 2326, and Dr. Ken Peres, Research Economist for CWA spoke to the group

The next day, Thursday, Jan. 25th, O'Day and Peres, the CWA District VP and Research Economist, respectively, took questions from callers on Mark Johnson's radio talk show from people concerned – once again – about financial details of the sale.

This is just a taste of the great work being in Vermont, as far as making sure people are aware of just what they'd be losing in Verizon's ill-conceived plan to sell to FairPoint.

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