Common Sense Media: Broadband expansion improves economy, education, health

Common Sense Kids Action, an independent, nonpartisan organization that aims to make kids and education America’s top priority, released a policy brief on the many benefits of broadband access. The brief relies on a wide variety of research, outlines the economic, educational, and health benefits, and concludes that


Broadband expansion is closely tied to America's economic, educational, and health outcomes. And yet 30 percent of American homes still lack high-speed Internet access, and America ranks behind many of our global economic competitors in the percentage of homes connected to broadband. Closing the gap between homes that have broadband and those that do not should be a national priority. Modernizing and reforming the Lifeline program to include a broadband option is one step that can and should be taken to help close this critical gap.


Common Sense Kids Action Releases New Broadband Policy Brief (Common Sense Media, June 29, 2015)


The Benefits of Broadband Expansion to America’s Economy, Education, and Health (Common Sense Kids Action, June 2015)