Connect Ohio Launches Every Citizen Online Program

One of the biggest gaps to broadband adoption is Internet literacy. For disenfranchised populations, it may be difficult to make the leap to online education, financial transactions, or career growth without basic online skills. That’s why Connect Ohio is bringing adoption programs to centers around the state.

The Every Citizen Online project will bring free computer and broadband training classes to more than 100 libraries and community colleges across the state. Set to launch in January 2011, the program will continue for two years, and will be available through in-person classes and self-paced training lessons online.

The program is made possible through a $6.9 million federal grant, and has received more than $3 million from participating entities around the state. The release of the program matches the expected rollout of a wide range of new online services for Ohio residents — ranging from communication to education and healthcare — all available over the Internet.

By making broadband literacy a priority, Ohio is taking a strong step towards making its residents more confident and competitive online. Currently ranked 41st in the nation's Internet speeds according to the 2010 Speed Matters survey, educating Ohio residents in the basics of broadband will increase the demand for better connectivity and faster service. Taking bold steps to make broadband universal, fast, and affordable can only start with educated and aware residents.

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