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CWA District 6 reaches agreement with AT&T Mobility

The CWA District 6 bargaining team reached a historic agreement with AT&T Mobility that will affect approximately 5,000 CWA members spanning Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The agreement will provide a 5 percent raise for employees in 2024, a $1,000 signing bonus, and wage increases for multilingual call center employees. Remote workers will have increased benefits, including a $55 monthly stipend and loss-of-pay protections. AT&T Mobility employees, regardless of title, will now be covered under the Employment Security Commitment, providing greater job security. The agreement also includes healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, scheduling, and leave improvements. 

“This TA was won in part because the Company felt the pressure of our mobilizations,” the Mobilization Team wrote in an email announcing the agreement. “We successfully showed our collective power and supported our bargaining team by taking action across all 5 states of the Purple Mobility contract!”

D6 Reaches TA with ATT Mobility on Purple Contract


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