CWA and IBEW caution Congress on Verizon-Frontier Deal

Last month, Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Ed Hill sent a letter to Congress to raise awareness of a tax loophole being used in the Verizon-Frontier Deal.

The obscure corporate loophole - known as the "Reverse Morris Trust" was used in a similar deal that Verizon made with FairPoint Communications in 2007. The New England based company recently filed for bankruptcy after months of legal problems and complaints of poor customer service.

Cohen and Hill argue, "The motivation behind these transactions is tax avoidance, not consumer benefit."

They continued on to urge the Representatives to help their constituents:

"Eliminating the benefits of the RMT ... would help ensure that telecommunications services, now, and in the future, are there for those who need it."

Letter to Congress on Reverse Morris Trust (PDF)