FairPoint launches gigabit service in Portsmouth, NH

FairPoint Communications launches its first gigabit fiber-to-the-premise service in Portsmouth, NH. The service will allow both upload and download speeds up to 1 Gbps. Those speeds are about 100 times faster than the average fixed high-speed Internet connection, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

In its announcement the company explained the importance of this expansion for the company and the benefit of gigabit service for the community:

This is the first time FairPoint has delivered gigabit Internet service to residential customers anywhere in its footprint and adds to the list of high-speed Internet and Ethernet network options already available to business customers. The new super high-speed Internet service will allow customers to instantly send and receive files, conduct online video chats, stream multiple high-definition movies, connect to cloud-based applications, seamlessly connect multiple mobile devices to the network, and more.

FairPoint purchased lines from Verizon in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont in 2008, including some all-fiber lines in southern New Hampshire. It's taken 7 years for FairPoint to offer fiber-to-the-home service anywhere in the states it purchased from Verizon.

FairPoint Communications to Offer Gigabit Internet Service in Portsmouth, NH (FairPoint, Nov. 18, 2015)


With New Hampshire’s nod, the FairPoint sale is approved (Speed Matters, Feb. 29, 2008)

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