FCC denies DISH's auction scam


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has voted unanimously to deny DISH Network $3.3 billion in small business credits that it won in a recent spectrum auction by manipulating FCC rules.


DISH coordinated with two smaller companies, SNR Wireless and Northstar Wireless – companies in which DISH has an 85 percent financial interest – to win wireless licenses valued at $13 billion. The companies then tried to claim $3.3 billion in discounts available through the Designated Entity (DE) program. The program was designed to give credits to small, minority- and women-owned business so they can participate in the spectrum marketplace – not as a loophole to be exploited by a major service provider.


“Small businesses require an on-ramp into the mobile marketplace to provide more choices for consumers,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in a statement on the decision. “Our competitive bidding rules were designed to do just that – give bona fide small businesses an opportunity to acquire valuable spectrum. Today, our review of two winning bidders in the recent AWS-3 auction has concluded that they in fact are not eligible for bidding credits. I’m proud that our thorough, fact-based analysis ensures that bidding credits only go to the small businesses our rules aim to serve.”


DISH now has three options: refuse to buy the spectrum it won and pay a penalty, pay for the $3.3 billion in spectrum it won, or challenge the FCC in court. Whatever DISH decides, the FCC’s decision to deny the credits and stop the scam was the right one. It’s a step toward ensuring fair, diverse, and competitive spectrum auctions in the future.



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