For good and ill, Verizon is phasing out copper

At a recent technology conference, Verizon CFO and EVP Fran Shammo asserted that the company is on track to migrate customers from copper wire to fiber. “Our target was 300,000 this year and we'll probably exceed that customer target of customers moving off copper to FiOS,” he told Fierce Telecom.

At the same time, though, Verizon, according to Shammo, is offering its wireless-based Voice Link voice service “as a complement to copper-based voice and wireless service.”

In fact, customers in storm-hit areas of Fire Island, New York and other locales Verizon is attempting to offer Voice Link... and nothing else. The reason is simple: Verizon considers profit margins on wireline to be insufficient.

Speed Matters wants broadband customers to have the option of fiber as an alternative to cable monopolies, and to bring the benefits of truly high-speed Internet to all.

Verizon's Shammo: We'll exceed 300,000 FTTH migrations in 2013, improve wireline margins (FierceTelecom, Aug. 13, 2013)