Georgia preparing to apply for broadband stimulus money

Georgia is one of many states that is trying to position itself to receive the funding for broadband deployment in the first round of grants from the economic stimulus package.

Despite the lack of specific guidelines from the federal government, Georgia has been actively preparing for when they are released. They even set up a website for city and county governments, companies and nonprofits to brainstorm and collaborate around improving the state's rural broadband access.

Launched earlier in 2009, the site already has over eighty potential projects.

"Collaboration and data driven decision making are the key ingredients to Georgia's broadband success," said Rich Calhoun, program director for the Georgia Technology Authority.

In 2008, Georgia ranked 9th in the United States with an average download speed of 3.041 megabits per second. Test your speed today to contribute to Speed Matters 2009 report on Internet speeds in all fifty states.

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