High School Sports Score Online

High School sports coverage has traditionally been limited to local newspapers and radio broadcasts.  However, with advances in digital video and high speed internet, high school sporting events can be broadcast over the internet. 

The potential to watch and listen to high school sporting events from home over the internet has attracted the attention of sports fans, high school athletes, parents, and college coaches, along with media companies.  High School Sports TV, based in Wichita, KS, is developing a website (hssportstv.net) that will allow any high school in the country to upload game footage to the free website.  Then, people from around the country will be able to view their favorite high school games.

Local television stations are partnering with internet sites to broadcast games.  In Chicago, NBC5 teamed with PrepChannel.com to air high school sports highlights.  In El Paso, Texas, game play by play of the high school girls' basketball playoffs was broadcast on tsrnsports.com.  In Silverton, Oregon high school students have been working to film and broadcast sporting events on www.scan-tv.org, allowing fans to watch games and students to gain valuable technical experience.  A newly installed fiber-optic line will boost the site's capabilities, allowing 150 people to view the site at a time.

The potential to watch high school sports via the internet has increased the demand for high speed internet capable of streaming high-quality video.  High school sports are immensely popular, with nearly 70 million people attending prep football games in the U.S annually.  In order to meet this demand, high speed internet connections need to be widely available, particularly in rural and suburban areas where high schools sports bring the community together. 

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