High Speed in the Blue Grass

The state of Kentucky knows the facts: investing in high speed internet brings high paying technology jobs. And building a high speed internet infrastructure is an investment in the economy.

That's why Kentucky is one of the national leaders in high-tech job growth.  You can get all the details at ConnectKentucky, including broadband inventory maps for each county in Kentucky.

In 2004, Kentucky launched Prescription for Innovation, mandating that all Kentucky households have access to high speed internet by 2007. When this plan becomes a reality, Kentucky will be light years ahead the rest of the country in terms of high speed internet availability. Already, the availability of high-speed Internet availability in the state has shot up by 45 percent.

As Dave Richmond, the City Manager of Richmond, Kentucky, puts it:

"I think that in order for any city or county to progress, the technology must be at the forefront," Evans said. "There have been lots of strides made in the county, but I think we can do even more. This will make the city and county more attractive to potential businesses and we will be able to do more with what we already have."

Kentucky is already investing in the future, is your state?

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