Now is the Time to Adopt Electronic Health Records

As more doctors and hospitals adopt electronic health records (EHR), federal incentive payments facilitate the switch to smarter health IT. The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act allocated $27 billion dollars in EHR incentives.

According to a recent article on

"Electronic health records promise to reduce mistakes, increase efficiency, cut costs and improve the quality of care for individual patients and patient populations."

In a recent survey 41 percent of doctors and 95 percent of hospitals view EHR favorably and are ready to give these new tools a try.

Though the cost of establishing electronic records can be high in the first year, the cost goes down substantially in subsequent years, and therefore incentive payments can defray the start-up cost for private practices. Internet-based e-medical records services also offer a much cheaper alternative, with monthly subscription plans that can help keep doctors and patients connected.

Doctors Go Digital (Nextgov)