Philadelphia Awards Gigabit Genius Grant

Tech leaders representing Philadelphia announced the winners of a $10,000 grant to develop new, transformative technologies using gigabit, or ultra-fast, Internet connections.

Created and funded by Philadelphia's startup and technology communities to encourage gigabit innovation, the grant is open to entries from around the world.

The $10,000 was split between a team in Baltimore that will harness gigabit speeds to transmit and review radiology scans in real-time, and an Israeli entrepreneur who is developing a remote education project that would enable students anywhere in the world to participate in a live classroom experience.

The grant was inspired by Google's Fiber for Communities project, in which the company promised to install an experimental gigabit network in one American city. The Gigabit Genius Grant is part of Philadelphia's campaign to become Google's test city.

Announcing the Winners of the $10,000 Grant! ($10,000 Gigabit Genius Grant)