Rep. Matsui Introduces Universal Service Fund Reform Bill

Representative Doris Matsui (D-CA) has re-introduced her bill that would require the FCC to fund pilot programs providing subsidies to low-income households to purchase broadband service, supported by the Universal Service Fund.

The Broadband Affordability Act of 2011 (H.R. 2163) will make Internet connectivity significantly more affordable for low-income communities across America. According to Matsui:

"The [Act] would provide low-income Americans living in rural and urban areas with a discount on broadband Internet service. The program would be made part of the USF's Lifeline Assistance program, which does the same for rural and low-income phone customers."

CWA supports the Broadband Affordability Act as an important stop to help underserved communities in the broadband age. By making high speed Internet access more affordable, the act would increase broadband adoption and help bridge the digital divide among the 100 million Americans who do not subscribe to broadband service.

To reach every American, we need to make broadband adoption a priority and ensure that affordable and reliable networks are servicing both our cities and rural communities.

Matsui Re-Introduces Broadband Discount Bill (Broadcasting & Cable)