Rural Virginia county achieving goal of wireless access throughout

Bland County, Virginia’s goal of having high-speed wireless Internet access availability throughout the entire area is coming closer to reality.
Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service, phase III of the county’s drive to spread wireless broadband Internet access across the land.

Congressman Rick Boucher, who’s district encompasses Bland County, remarked on the importance of what the county was doing:

“Just as the first canals, then railroads and then highways were the major arteries of commerce in earlier eras, in the 21st century, access to broadband will be a defining feature of economic success for rural communities.”

The mission to extend wireless broadband across the rural landscape began in 2006, with the first phase, which brought free broadband services to downtown Bland. Later Phase II extended the high-speed wireless access up to the Bastian and Rocky Gap areas.
Boucher said:

“Step by positive step our expanding broadband infrastructure is assuring Southwest Virginia’s communities will be at the center of economic opportunity.”

Bland County opted to pursue wireless technology to make subscription fees cheaper for residents and thus more likely for them to sign up.

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