Silicon Valley Wants High Speeds

During the 1990s dot-com boom, Silicon Valley took center stage in developing our Internet economy.

Now, the Silicon Valley is calling for action on a national high speed Internet policy:

Enough talk. Let's roll. The faster, the better.

We need a cohesive national strategy for achieving universal broadband - an effort that could cost tens of billions of dollars to fully achieve.

We need to define minimum acceptable speeds. We need aggressive annual targets for rolling out access... We need to find a funding mechanism to subsidize access in sparsely populated areas, where private companies don't have the financial incentive to do it themselves.

Silicon Valley business leaders should be leading the charge on this issue. Not only is universal broadband good for society, it's good for the technology business.

...Extending high-speed Internet service to everyone isn't a luxury--it's vital to our economic competitiveness and our lives.

The technology sector joining the movement for high speed internet would be great news for SpeedMatters, and the millions of people who don't have access to the benefits of high speed Internet.

As The Mercury says, "everything is better with broadband." Let's make it happen.

San Jose Mercury News: Top-quality, universal broadband essential (editorial)