The U.N. Calls for Action on Broadband

According to a new report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the creation of broadband infrastructure is so important in the development of global economy that it "has been compared to utilities such as water and electricity":

Broadband increases the capacity of enterprises to engage in more sophisticated e-business processes and deliver through the Internet, thus maximizing the benefits of [Information and communication technologies].

...ICTs are important contributors to business performance. Since enterprises are the source of jobs, policymakers must develop strategies to promote ICT-using competitive enterprises (particularly small and medium-sized ones) that generate decent work.

The United Nations article stresses the impact of national broadband policies on developing countries - but the fact remains, the most powerful country in the world doesn't have one either.

Such a policy would create "decent jobs" - in the form of thousands of good, union-backed communications worker positions.

The US needs to take a cue from the international community and invest in the future of our economy - we shouldn't be the only ones left behind.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Information Economy Report 2006 Overview

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