Verizon will build out FiOS on Fire Island

After a vociferous campaign, residents – supported by CWA and local officials – succeeded in convincing Verizon to change course on Fire Island, New York and not eliminate landline service. In fact, Verizon will replace the storm-shattered communications with FiOS fiber connections.

In response to the a announcement, CWA issued the following statement.

CWA: News of Verizon FiOS Build Out to Fire Island is the Right Decision for NY and All Communities

Washington, D.C. – The news that Verizon Communications plans to build out fiber optic cable in Fire Island, N.Y., rather than substitute Voice Link wireless technology, is the right decision and welcome news.

It’s a positive development for Fire Island residents and one that should be repeated in communities across the country.

Verizon should expand its investment in fiber optic, high speed broadband, which provides greater capacity for Internet use than wireless systems.  That’s the only way to ensure that our country has a 21st century broadband infrastructure, one that meets global standards and enables us to compete with the rest of the world.

Hundreds of local and state elected officials, public safety officials, labor activists, residents and small business owners protested Verizon’s plans to substitute inadequate Voice Link wireless service for the system in place before Superstorm Sandy. In objections made to the State Public Service Commission and the Federal Communications Commission, residents pointed out that they would face inadequate and unavailable alternative services and increased costs.

Verizon’s decision is a big victory for Fire Island consumers who took a stand for the quality services they need, and it’s proof that consumers want the world class communications system that fiber optic broadband delivers.

CWA: News of Verizon FiOS Build Out to Fire Island is the Right Decision for NY and All Communities (CWA news release, Sep. 10, 2013)

Verizon introduces alternative to Voice Link on Fire Island (Newsday, Sep. 10, 2013)