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CWA to kick off AT&T Broken Promises Tour

11 Jun, 2019

CWA members, allies, and activists are going on a tour from Detroit to Dallas to challenge AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson for breaking promises to invest in his workforce and create at least 7,000 jobs – which he promised to do if the GOP tax scam passed.

Instead of creating jobs, AT&T has cut at least 7,000 jobs and keeps sending work to low-wage and overseas contractors, devastating families and communities across America. AT&T workers are fighting back for fair union contracts that guarantee good jobs, affordable healthcare, and a secure retirement.

AT&T workers Laheelah, Jeremy, and Kelly are taking the fight on the road, heading to AT&T’s headquarters in Dallas to demand AT&T address its broken promises to working people. Along the way, they are stopping at closed AT&T call centers and other company sites where workers are struggling to save jobs. Tour stops include Detroit, Toledo, Columbus, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Kansas City, and Dallas.

Learn more, add your name to the petition demanding good jobs at AT&T, and find a tour stop near you at


AT&T’s Broken Promises Tour (CWA, Aug. 3, 2018)


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