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TV is still America’s most trusted media for news

11 Jun, 2019

Americans across partisan and class lines are most likely to trust TV as their media source for news, a new report finds. Based on more than 1,000 respondents, 55 percent of Republicans, 68 percent of Democrats, and 54 percent of independents trust TV most for the most accurate political information. This trend holds across class lines as well.

In addition, 67 percent of Republicans, 69 percent of Democrats, and 68 percent of independents said television helps them best form an opinion on key issues facing the country. Read the full report here.

The report reinforces the importance of a diverse and independent broadcast industry and the danger of media consolidation. Partisan favoritism was one of many concerns at the center of the Sinclair-Tribune merger, which has been designated for a hearing at the FCC. While still under review at the FCC, Sinclair chairman David Smith told President Trump at a meeting during the president’s 2016 election campaign: “We are here to deliver your message.”


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