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Apple Retail Union-CWA in Oklahoma City begins contract negotiations with Apple

On May 15, the Apple Retail Union-CWA began contract negotiations with Apple in Oklahoma City, OK. This marks the first time Apple retail employees who have formed a union with the CWA will be coming together to negotiate with the world’s most profitable corporation. 

In October 2022, the Oklahoma City workers became the second Apple store to win their National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) union election. Workers were motivated to form their union in order to ensure greater transparency regarding hiring, pay, and job assignments. As workers enter into bargaining with the trillion-dollar corporate giant, workers hope to secure seniority-based language regarding pay raises, improved vacation policies, and commitments from Apple to address job vacancies.

"This is an incredibly exciting day for us, as we are finally exercising our right as a union to bring Apple to the bargaining table. My colleagues and I deserve clear policies regarding pay raises and more and we’re ready to help Apple improve and better reflect our shared values. We as workers contribute so much to the success of this company, and we are hopeful that Apple will negotiate in good faith so that we can secure our union contract and continue to strengthen Apple for all workers," said Michael Forsythe, Genius Admin and member of the Apple Retail Union-CWA.

Apple retail store employees make up about 40% of the company's entire workforce, and contribute to the company being the number one retailer in sales per square foot. Despite their contributions, Apple has recently escalated its union-busting tactics by illegally firing multiple workers. Most recently, CWA filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge with the NLRB on Monday, April 24, after an Oklahoma City worker was illegally fired in a meeting without union representation due to claims of “time theft,” the same accusation used to fire organized workers in a Kansas City, MO store. Workers at stores in Atlanta, New York, Oklahoma City, Houston, and Kansas City have all experienced illegal retaliation for organizing. A May 2023 report by CWA showcased disproportionate hiring and promotion outcomes for black and Hispanic Apple workers versus white workers, including a finding that hiring of Black and Hispanic workers since 2014 has mostly been into lower paid roles at the company. 

“It is incredibly inspiring to see the Apple Retail Workers Union successfully win their union election and force Apple to the negotiating table after sustaining a relentless and illegal union-busting campaign. Workers have a right to freely organize and we are proud to see our members finally get the opportunity to meet the trillion-dollar tech titan at the negotiating table and secure their fair share,” said Jay Albertson, President of CWA Local 6016 in Oklahoma City.

The Apple Retail Union-CWA unit in Oklahoma City represents nearly 80 workers ready to exercise their protected voice on the job.


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