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CWA District 1 hosts Build Broadband Better town hall

Over a hundred CWA members participated in a virtual town hall to learn about the CWA Broadband Brigade and to discuss opportunities that federal broadband funding presents for workers and communities in CWA District 1.

CWA District 1 Vice President Dennis Trainor kicked off the town hall, which was organized by the Brigade members from District 1. In a recent op-ed published in the Times Union, Trainor said, "We cannot cut a blank check and trust the work will get done efficiently. It is on the state to make sure that the significant public funding proposed in the FY2023 budget comes with the right protections attached to ensure high-quality networks to deliver high-speed, reliable broadband and good jobs in the industry. Let’s make sure this money is put to good use so all New Yorkers get connected."

The Brigade members who organized the event, Nick Hoh (CWA Local 1104), Tom Roulley (CWA Local 1122), and Kim Edwards (CWA Local 1298), led a presentation on the challenges and opportunities in the fight for strong labor standards that will ensure broadband is built by well trained union workers. 

Watch the CWA District 1 Broadband Town Hall here.


CWA District 1 Building Broadband Better (CWA, Mar. 31, 2022)