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CWA launches 5G Technician Brigade

13 May, 2021

CWA technicians from all over the country joined a training last month to learn how to engage their local governments to advocate for transparency and accountability in their local permitting processes.

CWA has been following the 5G network deployment – particularly by anti-union Verizon Wireless – and has found a few concerning things: in many places, Verizon Wireless is using low-road, out-of-state, nonunion subcontractors to build their 5G network, and local governments issue permits, but many of them don't keep track of who the work is subcontracted to – meaning they don't know who's actually in the street doing the work. This lack of labor standards and transparency has resulted in dangerous and costly outcomes for workers, taxpayers, and communities.

5G Technician Brigade members are joining the fight for local subcontractor transparency policies and will work to hold the industry accountable, raise standards across the sector, and protect and grow good union jobs.

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CWA Launches 5G Technician Brigade (CWA, May 13, 2021)


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