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CWA members at fiber manufacturer OFS Fitel ratify new contract

CWA members at OFS Fitel, LLC, a company that manufactures telecommunications and fiber optic products, overwhelmingly ratified a new contract. The members at OFS locations in Norcross, GA (CWA Local 3263) and Sturbridge, MA (CWA Local 1400), have been mobilizing for months to build their power at the bargaining table. The new contract includes significant wage increases and a ratification bonus, an end to the two-tier wage system that ​​created different pay and benefit structures for long-term employees and new hires, no changes to medical benefits, and more. 

“I am proud of the incredible mobilizing our members at OFS engaged in over the last few months. It was not easy but the workers did not let up on their commitment to fight for what they deserve and reach a contract that reflects their value as the backbone of the broadband industry,” said Lisa Bolton, Vice President of CWA’s Telecommunications and Technologies sector.


CWA Newsletter (CWA, July 21, 2022)