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CWA reaches agreement with AT&T on DirecTV

19 Sep, 2021

Under the terms of an agreement reached with AT&T, CWA members who are employed by DirecTV will continue to be covered by existing collective bargaining contracts. CWA entered into effects bargaining with AT&T as a result of the announced spin-off of its US video services into a stand-alone company. The spin-off was completed on August 2 with the new independent DirecTV now co-owned by AT&T and TPG Capital, a private equity firm.

The agreement also ensures vesting of pension and 401(k) balances for unvested employees and provides priority rehiring consideration for former AT&T employees who transitioned to DirecTV. 

“This agreement is a big first step in ensuring that members are protected during this transition,” said CWA President Chris Shelton. “I am grateful for the bargaining committee and the workers who supported them for staying strong during negotiations and achieving this victory.”

The Bargaining Committee has now entered into negotiations with the new DirecTV and will continue fighting to make sure our members' rights are protected at their new employer.


CWA Bargaining Update (CWA, Sep. 2, 2021)


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