CWA’s year-long fight for improved service, good jobs at Frontier results in the company emerging from bankruptcy with significant commitments to invest in the network, its workers

As Frontier Communications announces an expected date for its successful emergence from bankruptcy, CWA will continue to hold the company accountable to commitments that the union secured on jobs and improved service for customers. 

After Frontier filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy more than one year ago on April 14, 2020, thousands of CWA members across the country mobilized to urge the company to work with the union to improve the business and protect jobs. Frontier had previously taken on billions of dollars in debt, contributing to the bankruptcy, while refusing to invest adequately in its network or workforce.

CWA, which represents 8,000 Frontier workers nationwide, secured critical results for the Frontier workforce and for the communities that rely on Frontier service. In addition to an approved plan of reorganization that maintains union agreements and benefits, CWA secured new flexibility allowing Frontier employees who retired during the bankruptcy period to recover their benefits after bankruptcy and intervened at state regulatory agencies to secure commitments on necessary investments and workforce levels. Across five states, Frontier is committed to invest over $2 billion over the next three years, deploy over 600,000 new fiber to home locations over the next six years, and maintain adequate technician employment and local customer service operations in California and Connecticut over the next two years. CWA also intervened in the bankruptcy process opposing excessive executive compensation and securing a significant reduction in Frontier’s plan to provide millions in new compensation for its top eight executives.

“CWA members recognized early that workers must have a seat at the table in order to protect jobs and put Frontier on a path of high investment and improved service needed to grow the company,” said Frank Arce, CWA District 9 Vice-President. “Even before Frontier’s Chapter 11 filing in April, CWA members were mobilizing to ensure the company works with them to create a better foundation moving forward.”


Frontier Sets Bankruptcy Exit Date, Names New Board (Telecompetitor, Apr. 26, 2021)